*straight person voice* love whoever the fuck you want to love!!!

Why does it have to be a straight person saying this? What’s the point?

because tumblr seems to have an unhealthy obsession w/ making fun of straight people to the point of where it doesn’t even have to make sense anymore and even something that could be construed as positive gets turned into mean spirited joke


*straight person voice* omg thank you I was feeling so oppressed.


I am a leader, but you will not follow me.

Now I want a red vest





So, once upon a time I was selling a poster on eBay that I’d done for some bands that were favorites of mine in high school. And then both of the guys from both of those bands said some really ugly, irredeemable shit online while the auction was up. And so I took the auction down. At that point, the idea that someone would have my art for those bands proudly displayed on their wall made me unhappy to think about. And then, after I took the auction down, a few people wrote to me asking why, as they’d been following the auction or had bid on it, etc etc. And so I made a very brief statement clarifying why I took it down. I didn’t “@-reply” or tag anyone involved, I didn’t call for a boycott, I didn’t throw down any gauntlets. Just let my followers know what happened in as calm and magnanimous a way as I could think of.
And then one of my high school heroes called me a “creep” and an “insufferable twat” and referred to my poster as “asinine”. The asinine thing really seems like more of a vocabulary show-off than anything, as the word doesn’t really apply in any way to, you know, creating art to promote that dude’s band? But I’ll give him a pass since it’s basically the least stupid thing he’s said online in the past two days.
Anyhow. Just kinda felt like sharing that. I don’t really have a point here and I’m kinda too weirded out to really be, like, sad or angry or anything. So please don’t assume that. It’s just… you don’t not share something like this, right?
Fun side-story: One of those retweets and two of those favorites on Ben’s post came from that guy from last October who sent me straight-up one of the creepiest and stalkery-est series of emails I’ve gotten ever and his girlfriend. Haven’t heard from either of them in nearly a year until now. Huh.

Oh Ben Weasel, your lack internet restraint is almost charming.  In order to end a discourse with me today, he said “you must have a lot of cats”.  I kind of want to use that as a quote on my next book…

Ben Weasel just keeps digging himself into a deeper hole. And that hole is proudly labelled “irredeemably shitty person”

Disgusting. Probably just going to burn any Queers shirts I might have left.

Yeah I just remember I have a Queers patch I put on a vest a million years ago that needs ripping off and destroying

So what did they do? Ive heard a lot of static about homophobia from a member of screeching weasel but about the queers all I know is that none of them were queer and some of their lyrics come off antiqueer. Someone help me out here.
Im sick of people oozing over bullshit. Its a fucking tshirt.  TSHIRT. it has some screenprinted bubbles and some tube arm warmers and the only redeemable thing is the shoulder spikes. Id jus wear the spikes and go naked rather than wear the same logo on five dif pieces of a garment. 

Disclaimer. I understand its a style and im obviously not into it. But i just think its silly. If u like it and u think you look good in it, great. But that won’t stop me from making fun of you and your strange but expensive tshirt.


no hetero 1” buttons // $2


seriously though take this personality quiz and tell me what you get. it’s important. 



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Awesome shit

Can’t fall asleep. (This has been in my draft folder for awhile.)